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Exceptional laundry and dry cleaning services in Bournemouth

Need help with laundry and dry cleaning services in Bournemouth? Visit us at Elite Laundry & Dry Cleaners for a fast, reliable, and efficient laundrette with free collection and delivery!

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Here at Elite Laundry & Dry Cleaners we are a professional, trustworthy laundrette with over 20 years of experience in all your washing and ironing needs. Whether you require help with your weekly wash, need the duvets dry cleaned from your Airbnb, or have a wedding suit that needs urgently ironing, we are here for you! Just get in touch with us on 01202 526724 or request a free quote for your particular requirement. 

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We understand how overwhelming laundry can be for one person, which is why we offer our expert help to make your laundry day stress free. Offering a convenient solution to both individuals and businesses alike, we specialise in washing, drying, and folding both clothes and linens as well as speciality items such as curtains or rugs. By choosing us for your washing and drying needs you can rest assured that your dirty laundry will be returned to you clean, neatly folded, and washed with high-quality detergents. Promising perfection and precision with every piece!

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Dry cleaning is a specialised cleaning process that differs from traditional washing by using a solvent rather than water, removing stains and dirt from clothes without the risk of damage. Here at Elite Laundry & Dry Cleaners we use environmentally friendly dry-cleaning procedures, promising the finest results from our lagoon system process. Dry cleaning is particularly useful for delicate fabrics and garments that cannot withstand traditional washing machines, however, please make sure to check the labels on your belongings before visiting us. 

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If you are a busy individual and struggle to find time to get your ironing done, we are here for you! Our team of professionals use irons and steamers to remove any creases, returning your belongings to you crease-free and ready to wear. Whether it's a dress, shirt, suit, or any type of formal wear you need for a special occasion, our ironing services promise a crisp and polished finish, saving you time, effort, and stress!

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If you have a special occasion coming up and would like your formal wear washed and returned the same day, we've got your back!

Offering a same day service to those who require it you can rely on us to get you camera ready for your special day.

Jus get in touch and let us know your specific requirements.

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Domestic laundry and dry-cleaning services

Eager for your clothes to feel clean and fresh? We specialise in laundry, dry-cleaning, and ironing services for all clothing and formal attire. Whether you are a parent, busy worker, or just simply need help getting on top of your washing, we hope to alleviate some of your stress, returning your clothes in a clean and neatly folded state every time

Commercial laundry and dry-cleaning services

Here at Elite Laundry & Dry Cleaners we also cover commercial laundry and dry-cleaning needs, supporting all types of businesses who need a helping hand. Whether you own a restaurant and would like the tablecloths dry cleaned, or work in an Airbnb and aspire for the duvets to appear brand new, we offer free delivery and collection to save you the time and effort!

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Laundry and dry cleaning services: Services
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Need a laundry and dry cleaning service in Bournemouth?
Call us on 01202 526724 to get in touch

Or if you have a specific requirement, fill in our pricing form for a free quote.

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