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Self-service Launderette

Our  industrial class machines provide a really thorough wash and all have a high-speed spin meaning less drying, less time and less money. We also have large capacity gas dryers that dry in no time.

We have a choice of small, medium and large washers and dryers with helpful staff on hand to answer any queries.

Washing Machines

  • Small – £3.00 upto 16lb
  • Medium – £5.00 upto 25lb
  • Large – £7.00 upto 40lb


20P for 3 minutes – average loads can be dried for £1.60  and take approx 30 minutes


Use of the spinner (during staffed hours) 50P – dramatically reduces drying time.

Service Washes

Give us a spin…

Weekly washing getting you down? Too busy to get around to it?

We can remove the hassle out of your laundry and give you some extra time to do things which you really enjoy. Our service wash is fast, easy and great value. Simply drop off your laundry and we’ll wash, dry and fold it for you. Washing Powder and fabric conditioner is included.

Can’t come to us? Then we can arrange to collect from you. Try our VIP service, a complete collect and return laundry service.

Ironing Service

It’s simple! We take care of your ironing. We use the latest steam generator and roller ironing systems which has many advantages over standard ironing. This produces a professional finish every time unobtainable from standard domestic or semi-professional irons. All ironing is returned folded or hung in protective covering depending on item and customer’s preference

Prices start at 60p per item.

Dry Cleaning

Here at Elite we are able to provide a Dry Cleaning service for virtually all items of clothing, whether everyday wear or special garments such as wedding dresses or formal wear. We offer a quick turnaround and a competitive price. You can rest assured that your suits, jackets and other garments will be cleaned to the highest standard.

Commercial Laundry Services

We provide comprehensive laundry services to:

  • Hairdressing and beauty salons – towels and uniforms
  • Restaurants – tablecloths, serviettes, uniforms, chef’s clothing
  • Hotels and guest houses – bed linen, duvets, towels
  • Sports centres,  gyms, and leisure clubs
  • Dress hire agencies


If you have a regular commercial laundry requirement, please give us a call 01202 526724, where we will be happy to discuss your requirements. If you are lucky enough to find a service cheeper elswhere, we would be happy to beat any genuine quote.

Loyalty card scheme

Spend £10 at the Launderette or £18 Collection and get a loyalty card stamp. 12 stamps you recieve a voucher for £18 to spend on any of our services. Like us on Facebook and you get a free stamp*.